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Irish Freemasonry is a caring organisation which, for three hundred years, has been concerned with the welfare of young and old.

Freemasonry is not a Provident Society, therefore membership does not confer or guarantee financial benefits. However, in accordance with basic principles of charity, all funds available are disbursed where need is greatest. These funds derive from members' voluntary contributions, fundraising activities and income from monies accumulated and invested in past years which are prudently managed.

Where funds permit and circumstances merit, our Charities help to meet the cost of providing education for sons and daughters of members who may be deceased, incapacitated or unemployed. About 600 young people receive support in this way each year.

Members' widows in financial difficulties may receive annuities to augment their income. Over 2,000 widows are supported in this manner. Sheltered accommodation for the elderly is provided at several locations around Ireland.

One of our more recent projects raised a substantial capital sum to found The Freemasons of Ireland Medical Research Fund from which the income has initially been used to finance two different Research Projects at Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast, and St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, into causes of Arthritis.

In addition to the main charitable activities mentioned above, many Lodges operate their own Charity Funds locally.

In the year 2008, we held our third "Grand Master's Festival of Charity" during which we raised money both from our own members and by organising events with the wider community.  On this occasion, the three very worthy Non-Masonic charities were, The Samaritans, The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice and the Laura Lynn Children's Hospice Foundation.  During this Festival year, many fund raising events took place throughout Ireland and beyond and the total sum raised was 660,000 and this was distributed equally between the three charities above.

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