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North Munster Masonic Centre,
Castle Street,
King's Island,

Eden Lodge 73
Meets at the Masonic Centre, Castle Street, King's Island, Limerick
on the 1st. Friday of every Month
except June, July & August.

Eden Lodge was originally warranted as No. 271 in 1756 and exchanged for No. 73 in 1843. Photograph of Marencourt Cup

This Lodge achieved everlasting fame in the sending of letters of thanks to Capt Louis Mariencourt* for his outstanding Masonic behaviour in the field of battle.

The original victim in this story was Capt Joseph Webb, whose schooner "The United Sisters" of Poole was captured by "Le Furet" captained by Louis Mariencourt. As this action was taking place a sloop "The Three Friends" of Youghal came on the scene and was quickly captured as well.

Photograph of the Silver Maul of Lodge 73

When its captain Bro James Campbell of Antient Union No 13 came on board, he was instantly recognised by Capt Mariencourt as a Brother Mason, and his ship was returned to him. After some further negotiation Bro Mariencourt also agreed to release Capt Webb on receipt of a signed undertaking to seek the release of a Bro Joseph Gantier, a French sailor then being held on a prison ship "The Crown Prince" at Chatham, and if he failed to do so within a year, Capt Webb should make his own way to France and surrender his parole to the French military. For more information on this story please click here.

This Silver Maul (shown here) was used by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of North Munster, Michael Furnell in Provincial Grand Lodge from 1842 until he presented it to Eden Lodge No.73 on November 30, 1863. The handle bears the seal of the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster on the end.

* Mariencourt, Marincourt or Marencourt, opinions differ as to the spelling but as the engraving on the Cup is Mariencourt, that is what is used here.

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