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Grand Lodge News

In March 2002 the first edition of the Grand Lodge News Sheet was printed and circulated with the Grand Lodge Circular to all Lodges.

It was the Grand Master's wish that a new edition would continue to be published four times a year, however, due to spiralling costs, it was decided to cease the printed editions of the News Sheet to be only available in digital format. 

In 2015, due to a variety of reasons it was reluctantly decided to also cease the digital editions, with the December 2015 issue being the last one.

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To remember the Brethren of North Munster who served in WWI, Wor Bro Tony Thuillier, of Ormonde Lodge 201, has researched the military, family and Masonic histories and activities of all those who are listed on the Roll of Honour in the Masonic Centre's museum. 

His work has now been published in a very fine book which costs just €30.00 plus postage - €7.50 within the island of Ireland and €10.00 to the UK mainland.

Copies are limited but are available by sending an e-mail to: The Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster.















2018 news from the Lodges





Presentation in memory of Bro Desmond Scales

Bro Desmond Scales was originally from Foynes Co Limerick and worked there during the era of the Flying Boats in the 1940s when regular transatlantic flights commenced. The first commercial transatlantic flight on Pan Am’s flying boat, the Yankee Clipper landed at Foynes on 8th July 1939 and flights continued there until operations commenced at Shannon Airport, across the river. Des later went on to work with various airlines overseas and eventually retired to Scotland, but returned to Foynes in July 1989 for the opening of the Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum and maintained contact with the Museum from then on.

In return for Lodge 333 honouring Des, with the then WM, Declan O’Regan and Lodge Treasurer, John Shaw, travelling to Des’ home to present him with his 70-year jewel and certificate, W Bro Des presented a beautiful “quaich” or Scottish drinking vessel with two handles. This now resides in the North Munster Museum.

Following Bro Scales’ passing to the Grand Lodge Above on 13th March 2018 at the grand old age of 93, Triune Lodge 333 made a presentation to the Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum in memory of the late Bro Scales at his family’s request. Pictured above are W Bro John Shaw, Margaret O’Shaughnessy (Director) and W Bro Declan O’Regan. In the background is a portrait of W Bro O’Regan’s father, Dr Brendan O’Regan, who will forever be associated with Foynes.




Art exhibition - 3rd-9th June


The Masonic Centre hosted a very successful art exhibition in aid of A.B.C. for Mental Health Green Ribbon Art Exhibition.

There were plenty of visitors from both local and from far and wide to support this excellent cause





Triune Lodge 333 News


The latest 'significant' anniversary event in Triune Lodge 333 celebrated a total of 130 years of membership for two of its members, W Bro Cyril Galbraith (joined 19th March 1948) and VW Bro Donald (Donny) Webster (joined 18th April 1958).

W Bro Cyril, in his 90s is very much 'hale and hearty' and still a current campanologist (That's a bell ringer to you and me!) in Dublin.

VW Bro Donny is also still 'hale and hearty' and an active Mason at all levels.


The Lodge had a very well-attended meeting in April and their 70- and 60-year certificates were presented by RW Bro John T Hassett, Provincial Deputy Grand Master, who has known both Brethren all his life and was delighted to be present to make the presentations.




The very happy group shown above includes RW Bro Hassett (PDGM), W Bro Cyril Galbraith, W Bro Declan O'Regan (Acting WM) and VW Bro Donny Webster and the many others who were there to congratulate them.


At the Festive Board after the meeting, the Lodge organised an appropriate cake which both honoured members cut together.







2017 news from the Lodges





Ormonde Lodge 201


On Tuesday, 12th December 2017 Ormonde Lodge 201 gathered in the presence of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, his Deputy and two Past Provincial Grand Masters, as well as many other Provincial Officers of North Munster along with several Provincial Officers of other Provinces and, of course, a large contingent of the members of Lodge 201 to celebrate with Right Worshipful Brother Cyril Robert Foster as he marked 60 years as a Freemason.  Wor Bro Tony Thuillier had prepared a "This is your Masonic Life" tribute to RW Bro Cyril which detailed some of his activities both personal and Masonic over a long Masonic "career".  Naturally there were many sustained rounds of applause during a wonderfully happy meeting.  The meeting was then followed by a beautiful meal in the Centre's dining room where a suitably decorated cake was enjoyed by all.


RW Bro CR Foster, Past Prov Deputy Grand Master and MW Bro Douglas T Grey, Grand Master.


RW Bro TH Peirce, PGM, RW Bro CR Foster, PPDGM, W Bro M Naughton Jnr, WM and MW Bro DT Grey, GM.



RW Bro Foster and his Brethren of Ormonde Lodge 201 with MW Bro DT Grey, Grand Master.



The entire attendance to mark the 60 wonderful years of RW Bro Foster's Masonic membership.



W Bro Tony Thuillier and MW Bro DT Grey






RW Bro Cyril cutting the cake which was enjoyed by all.


In addition, W Bro David Naughton-Shires prepared a beautiful souvenir menu which detailed RW Bro Cyril's extensive Masonic "C.V.", which really is extensive!





Provincial Grand Lodge and other Lodge News


Triune Lodge 333 group on the occasion of electing Rt Wor Bro Kenneth G Brislane as an Emeritus member 17th November 2017.


Worshipful Master, W Bro Declan O'Regan, Rt Wor Bro Kenneth Brislane & Rt Wor Bro Thomas Peirce, Provincial Grand Master.


V Wor Bro Donald C Webster, W Bro Declan O'Regan, W Bro John Shaw and W Bro Val Casey celebrating VW Bro Donny's birthday after Lodge 333's meeting on 17th November 2017




Triune Lodge 333's visit to Belgium

Following a visit to Limerick some time ago by some Masons from Ghent, Triune Lodge 333 made arrangements to extend their Masonic horizons.

A most fraternal welcome was extended to the Irish Brethren and as can be seen from the photographs below there were many happy faces.



90th Birthday celebrations


To mark the 90th birthday of Past Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Kenneth G Brislane in August 2017, he took the Chair of his Mother Lodge, Triune Lodge 333 at their September 2017 Communication.

RW Bro Kenneth G Brislane, 90 years young!



RW Bro Thomas H Peirce, PGM, RW Bro Kenneth G Brislane, Past PGM & RW Bro John T Hassett, PDGM.



The members and visitors who attended to wish RW Bro Ken a very happy birthday,


and, of course, the cake!





175 years of Freemasonry in North Munster

Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster, 1842 to 2017.

To mark the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster the May Communication featured a considerable number of Brethren, both local and from all over the island of Ireland.  The Province was especially honoured by a visit from the Assistant Grand Master, Rt Wor Bro Leslie J Nixon, shown here in the Chair. 



The meeting was followed by a celebratory dinner in the Centre's dining room which was filled to capacity.





Special presentation.

Worshipful Master, Declan O'Regan and W Bro John Shaw of Triune Lodge 333 of North Munster travelled to Turnberry in Scotland on 30th March 2017 on a specific mission.  Their objective was to visit and make a very special presentation to Bro Desmond EL Scales.  The date was relevant as it was seventy-one years and one day since Bro Scales joined the Craft on Friday 29th March 1946.  As the longest serving member, not only of Lodge 333, but of the Province of North Munster, it was with great pleasure and celebration that Bro Scales was presented with his 70-year Platinum Jubilee Certificate and 50-year jewel with two bars.

Pictured, left to right: W Bro D O'Regan, Aidan Scales (grandson), Bro DEL Scales, W Bro J Shaw.

Bro Scales passed away peacefully on 13th March 2018, having completed an unbroken membership 'fractionally' short of 72 years.


Older items



Share the Love and Save a Life

On St. Valentines Night 2015, the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster held a dinner that raised €1,000 for Pieta House plus additional funds for Masonic Charities.

Pieta House provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. As the taboo subject of self-harming was little discussed and rarely understood, it was decided that Pieta House would also help people with this distressing issue.

Research has identified that for every €1,000 raised, a life can be saved. In 2013, nearly 4,000 people came to Pieta House for help and the numbers contacting them are rising all the time. As 90% of their income comes from fundraising events, they rely heavily on the support and encouragement of their volunteers and the Friends of Pieta.

 The Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster played their part in saving a life by sharing the love at a St Valentines Dinner at the Ballyneety Golf Club in County Limerick.

 The photograph shows VW Bro Herbert Knowles (Provincial Steward of Charities) handing over a cheque to Marian Long (Administration Manager Pieta House) in the presence of RW Bro Tom Peirce (Provincial Grand Master of North Munster). Also included are VW Bro Marcus Lloyd and W Bro George Langley of the fundraising committee.

 Pieta House cheque


A visitor to Ormonde Lodge 201

Ormonde Lodge 201 welcomed a tired but happy jogger to their October 2013 meeting, in the form of W Bro Pádraig Belton of UGLE Lodge 2773 on his way from Malin Head to Mizen Head, all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  He had jogged from Portumna that day and set off again the following morning for Buttevant with the aim of finishing at Mizen Head on Saturday, where he was met by some of the members of The Fifteenth Lodge from Skibbereen.  He is seen here signing the visitors' book in the company of Secretary, Henry Brennan on the left and Worshipful Master, Tony Thuillier on the right, all with happy smiling faces once the job is completed!

Signing the visitors' book  Sec. W Bro Belton & WM

Ormonde Lodge 201 Solstice Meeting

Ormonde Lodge 201 held their first, in fact the very first, Solstice Meeting on Friday, 21st June 2013 in the North Munster Masonic Centre, Limerick.  It was a very well attended meeting where the Brethren heard a fascinating talk by Worshipful Brother Chris McClintock on the links between the Summer Solstice and Freemasonry. 

Wor Bro Chris is the well-known Masonic author of 'The Craft and the Cross' and was delighted to be asked to make his presentation to the very first Solstice Meeting.  For a detailed report on the evening please click here.

Photograph courtesy of Wor Bro Chris McClintock. Click on the photograph to enlarge.

Solstice meeting of L201 - Click to enlarge

Antient Bandon Lodge No. 84.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon (June 15th 2015) Antient Bandon Lodge No. 84 celebrated the 275th anniversary of the granting of their Warrant in the presence of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, George Dunlop and the Provincial Grand Masters of Munster and North Munster as well as a host of other dignitaries. 

A number of Brethren from North Munster were there to witness the first meeting of the Lodge while using the two canopies over the Worshipful Master's and Senior Warden's chairs.  These canopies had been presented to the Lodge by the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster where they had been in use in the previous premises at 97 O'Connell Street, Limerick.  Since the move to Castle Street in 2004 they had been in storage as it was not possible to use them in the new Masonic Centre.  Rather than have them deteriorate a good home was found for them in Bandon where they have been joined by a new canopy for the Junior Warden. 

The very well-attended meeting was followed by an excellent Festive Board at the Carlton Hotel, Kinsale where the members and visitors were joined by the ladies.

L84 group 2013.06.15      GM, PGMS etc 2013.06.15     Senior Warden canopy

Harp & Crown Masonic Lodge No. 60.

Harp & Crown Masonic Lodge No 60, now based in Ballymena, Co Antrim, has its roots in the Province of North Munster where it existed in Ennis from 1736 to 1956 at which point it transferred to Limerick, handing in its Warrant eventually in 1965.

When the Warrant was re-issued to Ballymena in order to found the present Harp & Crown Masonic Lodge No 60, a strong bond was formed which continues to this day.

Evidence of this was shown in April of this year when the whole Lodge travelled to Limerick to hold its Installation Communication here. Rt Wor Bro Hector McKenzie, who was one of the founders in 1982, was going in to the Chair for the second time.

On their way to Limerick they visited Knappogue Castle where some meetings of the old Lodge 60 had been held at a time when the Castle was owned by Lord Dunboyne. (For more on Knappogue Castle please click here)

L60 at Knappogue 

The happy group who met at Knappogue Castle displaying the original Warrant.

The full attendance at the meeting in the North Munster Masonic Centre displaying both the Original Warrant from 1736 as well as the current one dated 1982.

The Officers of Lodge 60 together with the distinguished visitors including RW Bro DT Grey, Deputy Grand Master, RW GG Ashton, Junior Grand Warden, RW Bro J Dickson, PGM, Antrim and RW Bro GH Milne, PGM, North Munster.

Guided Tours

Guided tours of the North Munster Masonic Centre may now being arranged, for groups, by Limerick Civic Trust who may be contacted by phone at 061 31 33 99.


Contact can also be made with the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster by e-mail to: The Provincial Grand Lodge of North Munster

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