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North Munster Masonic Centre,
Castle Street,
King's Island,


One of the artefacts in which the Freemasons of North Munster take great pride is the ancient brass square known as the “Baal's Bridge Square”.
A replica of this takes pride of place among the exhibits in the museum.
The original brass square was recovered from the foundations of Baal's Bridge in Limerick when the bridge was being rebuilt in 1830.
It is inscribed:-

I will strive to live with Love & Care upon the level By the Squareand bears the date, 1507.
This Square is reputed to be one of the earliest Masonic items found in the world, and is certainly the oldest Masonic item in Ireland.


Photograph of Baal's Bridge Square
  North Munster Masonic Centre Museum

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North Munster Masonic Centre

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